Multi V Haul Off Belts For Extrusion Pullers

Extrusion Haul Off Belts require specific belt covering materials to suit the product being manufactured, we do not recommendall of covering materials for this application,

suitable materials are ;

CRC04 Black Neoprene foam

PUCC04 Microcellular Polyurethane foam

NR40 & NR50 Tan Natural rubbers

NR60 & NR70 Red Natural / Synthetic rubbers

PU65 Polyurethane elastomer

CR50 & CR60 Black Neoprene rubber

NRF40 & NRF60 white rubber

NR40XAR Red High abrasion Natural Rubber ( NRF40 & NR40XAR are highly sensitive to oils and chemicals, only suitable where no chemical contact is present )

Our most popular covering material for rigid profile extrusion applications is NR40 tan natural rubber, CRC04 black foam for flexibles

Recovering of worn belts may be possible if the base belt is serviceable ( not split at the base of the ribs or ribs missing ) and no oil or chemical contamination is present, small belts are not normally cost effective to recover